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Do I have to book or pay to enter the Reserve?

You can visit the Dark Sky Reserve without reservation or payment at any time as it is a public access area covering most of the region. There is no restriction on access to roads beaches etc The Reserve area is a designation under the auspices of the International Dark Sky Association Realistically a car is required as it is a rural area and public transport is not a viable option for stargazing activity.

Do you offer Accommodation & Transport services?

We do not offer either accommodation services, camping or transport services however there are links to a number of providers on our webpage.

Please contact them directly about their services as we not act as booking agents.

Please google campsites in Kerry for detail of camping locations.

When should I Visit?

When planning a visit to view the stars pick a time around the New Moon (No Moon) because

around full Moon moonlight washes out the stars( A similar effect to turning up the room lights on a birthday cake candles !)

In summer here it gets dark very late so stargazing in Summer Months will only be possible very late

May assume 22;00

June assume 23:00

July.& August assume 23:30

September Assume 21:00

The weather is also highly influenced by the Atlantic Ocean and is realistically only forecastable from a stargazing perspective about 48 hours in advance.

Is it safe at night?

We are often asked by visitors from abroad about wildlife attacks snakes severe insect bites etc. These are not an issue in Ireland.

Do you offer stargazing services to visitors?

You are free to stargaze and explore on your own however if you are interested in booking a stargazing session then the fee is 25 Euro per person subject to a minimum charge of Euro 50.

A stargazing experience would involve meeting our guide at an agreed location (we cannot offer pick up or collection services) and experiencing the skies with an entertaining and informative guide, sessions last about 90 minutes and use binoculars and telescopes.

We first explain a little about the Reserve then examine the night sky pointing out the constellations and planets and other interesting objects on view.

We operate on a trust basis and do not take credit card deposits as there is no charge if we have to cancel due to weather and refunds etc are thus avoided. Payment is in cash on the night.

We are often asked by visitors from abroad about wildlife attacks, snakes severe insect bites etc. These are not an issue in Ireland.

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